Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 Christmas Gift Guide: "Undying"

By Stephen B. Bagley & Gail Henderson

Enjoy a good shiver on a moonlit night with these thrilling, chilling poems. Oklahoma poets and authors Stephen B. Bagley and Gail Henderson share a sometimes darkly humorous look at the creatures of the ever night, mythical and otherwise. You'll meet a vampire who definitely doesn't sparkle, a werewolf who chooses freedom, gods and goddesses who are all too human, brave astronauts and greedy planet jumpers, and down to earth monsters who may live next door. You'll learn what happens to a modern day Dr. Frankenstein after he creates the perfect woman, why it's better to refuse that crimson invitation, and the sorrow that stalks us even when the sky is bright and the clouds few. You might even discover the creature that goes bump in the night is actually you.

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