Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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I Need Your Help
By Wendy Blanton

I was in St Louis over the weekend for the RealmMakers Conference. I took a class on Indie Publishing, and a big part of that was on marketing. Since the prevailing wisdom is that authors need an email list, I’ve dusted off my newsletter and I need some readers!
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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Delicious recipes to enjoy!

Vittles and Vignettes
By Barbara Shepherd
Vittles and Vignettes is a collection of over 250 family recipes and a sampling of original short stories, magazine articles, essays, and poems, some fantasy, some factual. Vittles is a term used in early days for food. The recipes (once referred to as “receipts”) presented in this book are a compilation of tried-and-true family favorites, some old, others more recent. Find easy-to-prepare dishes for beginning cooks and some more challenging for those who have kitchen experience. Read. Cook. Sit down at the dinner table to visit and enjoy mealtime. Pass recipes down to friends and the younger members of your family. Happy cooking to you!
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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Fantastic Worlds for you to explore!

Bone Sliver 
by Debra Chandler
The World is Changing.... Maxwell Edison, agent of The Office of Human Protection is given an assignment. Sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, he's staking out a spreading rash of anomalous activity unprecedented in the world so far. With agents and civilians dying all around him, it’s up to him to find a way to stop the oncoming paranormal cataclysm that has been engineered by a mysterious shadow organization. In the face of unstoppable magic, can he hold on to his humanity?
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Nova Wave 
by Debra Chandler
The Office of Human Protection has come to small-town Oklahoma, but the situation is anything but stable.When agents go missing, Maxwell Edison must investigate. When Max goes missing and a coup is staged from within, everything depends on a woman waking up in a changed world. A woman who has suffered a grievous injury, A woman with no training. Can she possibly save him?
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Rogue Pawn 
by Wendy Blanton AKA Elizabeth Joy
Forced from her home, Sieger faced a long road paved with lies and manipulation. Desperate, she did the only thing she could: She turned the tables on her enemies and forged her own fate.
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Sword & Scabbard 
by Wendy Blanton
When Nyakas killed his father to protect his wife and son, he wasn't thinking about the consequences. Because Malitor was a Divine Steward, Nyakas had two choices: take Malitor's seat, or defend himself against those who wanted it. Reluctantly, he and Robyn have moved to Mhovan Rosk. He knows that the other Divine Stewards have their own agendas, but it is not until he arrives that he realizes how corrupt the council is. When his advisors discover a hidden prophecy, the solution to the corruption becomes clear, but it may come at a price none of them are able to pay.
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The Dragon's Lady 
by Wendy Blanton AKA Elizabeth Joy
A young army officer, heading a team in search of missing CIA agents, is captured by intergalactic slave traders. Her team is sold to a man who is much more than he seems.
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by Debra Chandler
A shift in the wind. A change in the air. Weather has the power to affect everything around and inside us. What will the next season bring? Will the wind of change bring joy—sadness—or something darker? The pages of this book contain poems and tales that will leave even the most stalwart souls—WEATHERED.
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Friday, July 19, 2019

Anthologies: Something for everyone's reading pleasure

Blackbirds First Flight
By Various Authors

⇨ An unhappy wife can't decide what to do about her boorish husband until an uneaten meal gives her a dark idea...
⇨ Something is raising zombies in Tulsa, and Justina Grave is the only one who can stop it...
⇨ When a fat farm promises to make Edyth thin again, her dream comes true. She will never be fat again—or safe...
⇨ Hopping a freight train can be a cheap way to travel. Unless you pick the wrong boxcar...
⇨ One kiss gives Francois immortality, but at a cost he doesn't see coming...
⇨ A woman warrior must choose her fate as the Romans ravage her land...
⇨ Stalked by terrible creatures seeking vengeance, a band of robbers runs for their lives in medieval France...
This anthology will lead you into dark, twisted places filled with mystery and delight. Enjoy thrilling stories and chilling poems by authors Stephen B. Bagley, Kent Bass, Wendy Blanton, Gail Henderson, Tamara Siler Jones, and Jean Schara.
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Blackbirds Second Flight
by Various Authors
Enjoy new dark and twisted stories and poems from Stephen B. Bagley, Wendy Blanton, Gail Henderson, Ken Lewis, Jean Schara, and Heath Stallcup
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Blackbirds Third Flight
by Various Authors
Enjoy these dark fantasies:
✥ A dead girl asks one final question.
✥ A young man rides a forbidden dragon.
✥ With claw and fang, Malone will fight.
✥ Justina Grave battles a dangerous witch.
✥ A father faces his family's terrible secret.
✥ The end of the world begins in a backyard.
✥ A predator prowls on Halloween night.
✥ Thunder Mountain will kill the careless.
✥ Learn the final truth of the Tooth Fairy.
✥ A wolf reveals the face of the true beast.
And much more in this anthology of thrilling tales and poetry from Kathy Akins, Stephen B. Bagley, Wendy Blanton, Michael Canton, D.E. Chandler, Erin Cochran, Gail Henderson, Mariana Llanos, Jean Schara, and Heath Stallcup.
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Prosateurs: Tales & Truth 
by the Prosateurs
Enjoy articles, essays, memoirs, poems, recipes, short stories, and more from members of the Prosateurs writing group.
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