Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2018 Christmas Gift Guide - "Mind Trip"

Mind Trip
By Heath Stallcup

These are just some of the dark and twisted ideas that have run through the mind of Heath Stallcup over the years. Join him in a journey to the darker side of short story fiction. A compiled collection of short stories for your reading pleasure. Mobsters intent on ruling the world reveals that sometimes you just can’t go home. The release of a zombie virus on a small rural college town, followed by the ramifications on the parent company and the results of trying to hide your culpability. Sometimes reality isn’t what you think it is. Those noises in the attic may not be rats… Dwelling on the past can be introspective but refusing to let go will skew your reality. When asking Santa for something, remember to be specific. The search for ultimate truth and knowledge opens the creator to dark influences. You know you are about to die. You want nothing more than to protect your loved ones. In a fever induced delirium you lead the threat away from those you care most about.

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